Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Will Adrian Gonzalez hit 50 home runs?

Local media members are tripping all over themselves, trying to figure out which person first said Adrian Gonzalez should represent the Padres in the 2008 All-Star Game.

Let us be the first to ask: Will Gonzalez hit 50 home runs this season?

It looks like he very well could.

Gonzalez already has 15 homers one-third of the way into the season, 10 coming in May.

He’s two off the club record for home runs in a month, set by Greg Vaughn in May 1998 on his way to an all-time team record of 50 homers.

The difference in teams is immense: Vaughn played on a team that went to the World Series; Gonzalez is on a team with the worst record in the National League.

This brings up the point that opposing teams will likely start pitching around Gonzalez because he is the one hitter to fear in the Padres’ lineup.

That being said, Gonzalez is one of the best there is at taking an outside pitch and going the opposite way over the left field wall.

As the Padres limp through the last four months of the season, at least the Gonzalez home run watch will be something worth talking about.


bill said...

I don't think he can do it. Too much dead weight around him in the lineup.

kareem said...

Adrian Gonzalez is the lone big threat in the middle of the Padres lineup. If pitchers don't start to pitch around him, it will be a major surprise. One big bat and a pop gun lineup to protect him. My pick is he does not get 50 home runs this year due to not being pitched to as the season progresses.

Aaron said...

I like Adrian, but I just don't think he has 50-HR type power. The poor lineup arround him doesn't help his cause, that's for sure. I think he'll finish near 30 HRs for the season.