Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who cares about the Padres?

Have you stopped caring about the Padres?

Join the crowd.

A couple weeks ago, people were mad at the team for losing. Now it’s a could-care-less attitude, which should do wonders for home attendance, lol.

Just when you think they can’t reach a new low, they did by losing for the 17th time in 21 games with Thursday’s 5-4 loss at Atlanta.

How significant was it?

Atlanta was the first team since the 2000 Houston Astros to lose its first nine one-run games. The Braves were the only team in the major leagues without a one-run victory until now.

A week ago, we suggested the Padres should get rid of Jim Edmonds when people still cared about them. Now that fans could care less, the esteemed San Diego Union-Tribune is also calling for Edmonds to go.

Last week, we all would have cared that Joe Thatcher dropped to an 0-4 record with a 6.75 ERA in the latest loss to the Braves.

But at this point, who cares about the Padres; the team with Major League Baseball’s worst record?

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kareem said...

It sounds like the Padres are going to have a very long season and with fans that don't care that will make for an even longer season. Where are all of the type of fans that root for the Cubs? Remember them the loveable losers. The Cubs that are off to a pretty good start. Love you Padres losing or not but maybe let ownership and management know that they need to make improvements in the team.